Our story is simply a combination of bikes and love

And our work is a quest to find the best solution for your bikes and customers. Read on to learn more about the people who build your wheels.

Hello! We are
Veronika and Michal

Our story is simply a combination of bikes and love. We met in 2006 and we were both passionate cyclists. I was a student at that time and Michal had already been working for a company producing and selling bicycle wheels. In 2011 Michal decided to start his own business focused on wheel building. After I had finished my studies, left my job and our daughter was born, I joined Michal and we have been working together ever since.

Your Bike. Our Quest

We understand our work as a quest – to find the best solution for every client. We believe in the work we do and we enjoy building wheels that make each journey a smooth ride to the finish. And we’d like you to have the same feeling about the cooperation with us all along the way – from its beginning to carefully shipping each wheel to you. That is why we provide a complete service that comes with building custom bike wheels from start to finish in our own workshop.

With our wheels you will gain professional approach from the very beginning of our cooperation, including consulting and individual customization of the wheel. We have long-time experience in the field of wheel building, and we make sure that every single wheel is good quality and matches the specific needs of you and your bike.

Learn more about our work and how we do it or look inside our workshop.

Biquest team

Michal Tomala

Michal Tomala and his quest

He finds the best solution for the wheels for your bike. He builds the wheels in the workshop and makes sure they are carefully prepared for the way to you.

Veronika Tomalová

Veronika Tomalová and her quest

She focuses on the communication, economy and office side of things at Biquest. She prepares sales propositions for you and keeps all things running.

Stanislav Tomala

Stanislav Skovajsa and his quest

He helps Michal with wheel building. The whole process behind creating a complete wheel as well as cycling is getting more and more priority in his life.

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